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Rebecca explores the capabilities of her work as NFT holograms using pepper's ghost, cylinders, inverted pyramids, vapor, and micro projections on personal devices. She is testing live feed holographic conversations held between countries, and is developing theories around a new digital user experience through holograms that allows audiences to engage with and virtually experience her art while occupying a physical space. Her entre into NFTs includes unique, single edition digital works inspired by her digital collages and paintings. She intends to apply these innovative findings to future exhibitions of her work as well as to help advance digital economies and sales in the art field, and how we as a society communicate en masse. 

My work dares to question: How far we can take 2 dimensional elements by collaging them 3 dimensionally? Can sculpture be a fluid, interactive new media art form instead of immobile on a pedestal? Can art break the 4th wall and offer a deeper personal experience by viewer and piece becoming one?


And with a wider lens: Can contemporary new media inherently challenge our perceptions of reality or must art be physical to be respected and enjoyed as to what is real?


My solutions recognize a majority of our time is lived digitally in 2 dimensions- viewing images and video on flat screens. I assert new media art will continue to enter our daily life 3 dimensionally through VR headsets. Rather than a dystopian digital future, the advent of immersive new 3D media opens the path to build an artful hybrid existence between our physical and digital realms. A metaphorical collage of two realms in a way.


Collage -cutting and pasting disparate elements, materials, processes, and formats together- provokes chance and flexibility, which lends itself well to the experimental path contemporary new media art is on course with.


Process aside, this medium can evolve further and incorporate narratives to subvert dominant discourses and offer meaningful subject matter which spark social relevance, so when the viewer does enter and become one with the piece they’re emotionally and intellectually engaged.

An ongoing project digitizing tangible works of art into animated NFT imagery viewable as holographic works on personal devices with transparent inverted pyramids, cones, and beam splitters. The hologram project asks audiences to rethink how to engage with sculpture and paintings as they occupy different spaces from the physical works themselves.

Her entre into NFTs are animated derivatives of her physical paintings and sculpturings. Each corresponding NFT work is signed, dated, and numbered by the artist at the end of each presentation. Provenance is embedded on the Ethereum Blockchain and each unique work is accompanied with certification through Verisart.

Her hologram, "Art History Vol. 1", was recently accepted in the permanent collection of MOCA, The Museum of Crypto Art, as the collection's first official NFT hologram. "The Museum of Crypto Art is the premier destination for digital art and innovative ideas pushing the limits of frontier technology and our collective imaginations. It is the Metaverse’s finest crypto art museum, hosting the works of renowned artists, and is respected internationally for the boldness of its curatorial programming." - Colborn Bell, MOCA Founder & Curator.

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